June 29, 2006

More drivel from the groan

An anti-capitalist hypocrite campaigner is writing in the Guardian today about how her son was mugged for the £400 iPod that she bought for him (I wonder why she denied make sure an example of extravegant consumption knowing as she did the evils of consumerism. Oh yes the evils come from other people consuming, silly me). She is of course not surprised when he was mugged, but knows exactly what to blame. Not the mugger of course, a simple automoton with no independent moral functioning driven by a mindless programme to consume forced on him by TV and advertising. No the problem is that we buy things, if nobody bought anything then nobody have anything to get stolen. We could all just sit around naked in the forests scratching out an existence scavanging, and inbreed.

There are many things that I would like, but I have never mugged anyone to get them. Not even a writer for the Guardian. I work, save up and then I can buy whatever I have chosen. If there is a problem related to consumerism it is at this point, the scrotes have forgotten about the need to work to be able to get things. They have been taught that it is morally right to get things that other people have paid for simply because they cannot be arsed to work for them themselves. They believe that they should be given everything they need, be it a new mobile, fancy trainers, or massive amounts of cheesy jewelery solely because they think they need it. And I wonder what has givern them that idea.


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